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Tools & Services

  • Device Detection

    Device Detection

    Extend device side detection with our always up to date server-side detection service. Take advantage of WhateverWeb’s Media Queries extension to target many more device capabilities than what’s possible today using standard Media Queries

  • CSS Optimizer

    CSS Optimizer

    Manages CSS files effectively, strips unnecessary content and target devices with enhanced experiences by utilizing WhateverWeb’s Media Queries extension

  • Image Optimizer

    Image Optimizer

    Produces device specific images to optimize performance at the same time deliver the best experience targeted devices can display

  • Admin Panel

    Admin Panel

    Web interface to help you manage your WhateverWeb tools and services


How it Works

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  • Improved Performance

    1. Improve website speed by at least 40% and up to 3x
    2. Cut data traffic by minimizing file size, parsing, rendering and http requests
    3. Display optimal images on targeted devices
  • Increased Productivity

    1. Reduce the need to test and manage performance on different devices
    2. Accelerate admin-projects using existing code or popular frameworks like Bootstrap
    3. Simplify your workflow by managing CSS files more effectively
    4. Easily integrate with your existing code base and services
  • Flexibility & Control

    1. Implement unified flow for all devices or build dedicated experiences
    2. Compatible with any web server stack (Java, Apache, IIS etc,)
    3. No platform lock-in or proprietary language; import code or take your code with you
  • Targeted Monetization

    1. Display targeted in-house ads or ad networks for any given device
    2. Target payment methods by platform, browser or device capabilities